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Are you looking for a blockchain game? Here's a list

While blockchain technology did advance the financial sector greatly through crypto, continuing to do so today, it hodls greater potential in progressing and revolutionizing the world. Many sectors and companies have come forward to express their interest in blockchain, but there is one sector already reaping the perks of optimized business models. While industry leaders like Apple, Facebook, Starbucks, and Coca Cola individually move forward in their incorporation of the technology, there is a whole industry optimizing everything within it - blockchain games.

Blockchain acts as a digital ledger free from centralization and corruption, offering any person a truly safe way of storing their data. The benefits of the technology are reiterated in blockchain games as providing a safer, faster and more transparent way of saving game information. Whether it is progress, competitions or rewards, blockchain offers a better way of gaming. Respective games have picked up in popularity, thanks to their automated improvements, attracting a lot of attention from the mainstream, gaming and cryptocurrency communities. As demand dictated, more blockchain games were made.

Here's a list of popular blockchain games:


The first game on our list is none other than CryptoKitties, the game which originally gave rise to the hype in the sector and increased transaction times within the Ethereum network. CryptoKitties was one of the first blockchain games released; gaining an insane amount of attention, it congested the entire Ethereum network days after release. The game is based on Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), acting as collectibles that users can buy, sell and breed. Each Crypto Kitty hodls special 'cattributes', including genres, which dictate their demand and price. The most expensive Kitty bought/or sold currently stands at $170,000. 

F1 Delta Time:  

Another hyped-up game, also using an NFT built on the Ethereum network, is F1 Delta Time. It was created and released by racing enterprise Formula 1, in partnership with gaming firm Animoca Brands. The game focuses on the collecting, buying, and selling of unique cars, professional drivers and car components. F1 Delta Time has expanded its platform to events, auctions, competitions and is soon to be incorporating in-game crates. Some cars you can expect to find within the game are the Mercedes AMG W10, the Ferrari SF90, and the McLaren MCL34.

Hash Rush:  

A Play-to-Earn game captivating people with crypto is Hash Rush. It has earned its inclusion in our list because it lets players earn while gaming, a dream for anyone in the industry. The game is set in the Hermeian galaxy, where gamers must collect, build, trade and fight to victory. Players must mine, fight monsters and enemies as well as grow their colony; as they progress they will be rewarded with Crypto Crystals, in-game prizes, and cryptocurrency. 

My Crypto Heroes:

The next game on our list is My Crypto Heroes, an RPG aimed at turning your passion into profits. This role-playing game allows users to interact on a massive and international scale. Players are cast as historical figures who venture on quests, fight enemies and collect rare items. You can be a farmer, creator, warrior or trader. Advance your heroes, earn more and collect cryptocurrency. My Crypto Heroes claims to be the number 1 blockchain game by "Daily Active Users, and Transactions".

The Sandbox:

The Sandbox dates back to around 2012, offering IOS and Android users a sandbox mode game that would allow them to create, explore and interact. The latest and greatest edition of The SandBox will allow users to create content, games, and characters on top of offering a blockchain-backed marketplace, cloud storage, and exchangeable cryptocurrency. The game is aiming to expand more before launch but is still allowing users to register.

And that brings our blockchain games list to an end. Be sure to take a look at the above-mentioned games, but also take the time to browse around and find a blockchain game better suited to your gaming needs. Whether it is hodling onto crypto-collectibles or fighting for rewards, there is a blockchain-optimized game out there for you. We hope this list helps you on your quest to find the ultimate game. 

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